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Here are some important points, that if included in your classroom management strategies, would be of great help to create the right atmosphere for learning. Classroom RulesThe first step for controlling a classroom of unruly students is to make some concrete rules. While making these rules, take into account the age of your students. The rules of your classroom should be in conformity with the general rules of the school. You cannot make rules that contradict the already established rules and regulations of the school. Do not make too many rules, which your students won't be able to follow. Make a few basic rules that are sufficient to maintain order in the class. Explain your expectations to the students and also ask them what they expect from you. This will promote their active participation in the classroom management plan. Be consistent in following these rules, as this will set a good example. Otherwise students would not respect you and gradually lose interest in your class.

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0 / 5Imperial Butcher Block Foosball TableLight butcher block finish 14" body with MDF side walls and playfield, large rubber grips with solid double chromed rods, requires 2 hours assembly timeGoodMedium3.

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